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MFA Project

developed for UGA, Thom Houser, Tad Gloeckler, Saral Surakul

This project’s intent is to investigate furniture design as a solution for issues relating to living in small spaces.  A specific space was chosen to serve as the context for the furniture to be designed.  The space chosen is a New York City studio apartment that is approximately 500 square feet in size.  The concept initially developed around the idea of having a set of eight seats nest around a single table.  The stool and table set can be scaled to the available space and need of the end user.  A set could be two stools, four stools, six stools, or eight stools and a table.  The final stool is envisioned as being fabricated from metal.  The stool is meant to be straddled like a horse’s saddle or the seat of motorcycle.

My full thesis is available here.

  • Client - UGA, Thom Houser, Tad Gloeckler, Saral Surakul
  • Date Completed - May 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Drawing, Model Making, Lasercutter, 3D Printer, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Rendering