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2015-05-28 12.35.15
Upholstery Pattern 001
Upholstery Pattern 002
Upholstery Pattern A_Sample 000
Cushion Render 1a sm
Cushion Render 004a
Cushion Render 004
Upholstery Pattern A_PRINT
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2015-05-26 10.32.08
2015-05-27 10.06.40-1
2015-05-28 10.50.48-1
2015-05-28 12.32.41-1

Fabric Pattern Two

developed for UGA MFA Project, Erin Moore

I designed this to pair with my MFA project. The original design was problematic due to the line work being too fine for the mesh of silk screen available at school. I had multiple failed burns before altering the design. Even then it took several tries to get an acceptable stencil.

  • Client - UGA MFA Project, Erin Moore
  • Date Completed - May - June 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Hand Drawing, Repeat, Scaling, Upholstery, Illustrator, Photoshop, Silk Screening, Fabric Dying
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