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Ban Dai Toy Fair Booth

developed for UGA, Saral Surakul

The form for Bandai’s exhibition space is derived from the spikey backside of the iconic Godzilla monster.  The repeating pointed curvilinear forms are intended to evoke the image of the Godzilla rising up out of the sea.  The booth serves as a playful setting for showcasing and selling Bandai products.  The meeting space is secluded underneath the rear canopy.  The display case is acrylic casework designed to clearly display Bandai’s current line of toys and action figures.  The case not only acts as a display for the toys, but also works as an eye catching backdrop for life size models or live cosplay model.  Lighting is integrated in the base as to illuminate the figures stored within.  Lighting for the interior of the booth is built into the underside of the planar forms to allow even non obtrusive lighting of the booth’s interior space.

  • Client - UGA, Saral Surakul
  • Date Completed - October 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Drawing, Model Making, Branding